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Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

DMT; Dimitri
"DMT", short for dimethyltryptamine, is the most hardcore psychedelic drug known to man. This is that one drug that the man
doesn't want you to find out about!

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT or N,N-DMT) is a tryptamine molecule that occurs in many plants and animals, It is the active
hallucinogenic compound. DMT is a powerful, visual psychedelic which produces short-acting effects when smoked. It is
used orally in combination with an MAOI, as in ayahuasca brews.
DMT can also be ingested in crystal form, where it is often smoked in a pipe or bong.

Just The Facts
DMT is the most intense psychedellic known to mankind
DMT is the most illegal substance known to mankind
DMT is the most freakin awesome drug known to mankind
Have you ever wondered if there is a universe beyond ours? Have you ever wanted to meet extra terrestrial beings? If you've
said yes to both of those and havn't experience either of those, DMT is the drug for you.

Which plants have DMT?
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Acacia acuminata, Up to 1.5% alkaloids, mainly consisting of dimethyltryptamine in bark & leaf Also, Harman, Tryptamine,
NMT, other alkaloids in leaf.
Acacia alpina, Active principles in leaf.
Acacia angustissima, β-methyl-phenethylamine, NMT and DMT in leaf

How can DMT be use?
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), the active ingredient in ayahuasca, a plant-based mixture, can also be used by itself, often by
smoking it.
DMT can be inhaled, injected, or orally ingested, and its effects depend on the dose. When inhaled or injected, the effects
last for a short period of time for about about 5 to 15 minutes. Effects can last 3 hours or more if orally ingested along with an
MAOI, such as the ayahuasca vine in the traditional ayahuasca brew of many native

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DMT is primarily a serotonin (5-HT) receptor agonist and, just like other hallucinogens, its psychedelic actions can
mostly be attributed to its effects on the 5-HT2A receptor subtype. It does affect many other receptor types (for
example, dopamine and sigma receptors), but the consequences of such interactionsis minimal

Psychedelic Tryptamine

5-MeO-DMT, a psychedelic drug structurally similar to N,N-DMT, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as DMT. As a
white, crystalline solid, it is also similar in appearance to pure DMT. However, 5-MeO-DMT is more potent. Its
typical vaporized dose is 5-20 mg, while DMTs dosage range is somewhere around 20-70 mg.

While the therapeutic value of DMT alone has not been explored to the extent that other psychedelic drugs have,
the DMT-containing brew ayahuasca has long been used traditionally to treat various psychological maladies,
including mood disorders and addiction. Ayahuasca has seen an increase in use in the modern world as a potential
treatment of depression and addiction.

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